Meetings and Cost

Meetings take place on alternate Mondays at 7:30 PM in Willard Straight Hall room 414. Parking for Willard Straight Hall can be found in the Willard Straight Lot, directly behind WSH. Anyone interested is welcome to attend!

There is a membership fee of $7/semester or $14/year (including the summer) for Cornell undergraduates and $10/semester or $20/year for graduate/professional students, Cornell faculty and staff, and Ithaca community members. We welcome anyone and everyone, not just those affiliated with Cornell!

Mailing List

Our email mailing list is an essential tool for finding out about club activities.  Most trips are announced on the list as are the details of our meetings.  

To join our mailing list, send an email with just the word "join" in the body (and without quotation) to:  

You  will receive back a confirmation email containing instructions for participating and managing your subscription.  In particular, please note that you can leave our mailing list by sending a similar email, to the same address, with just the word "leave" in the body.