To Get Gear for a Trip

We have a lot of gear in all outdoor disciplines which we lend (for free) to our members when they go on outdoor trips that have been announced through the proper channels. Our gear is distributed across a few locations. Most of our gear in the climbing, backpacking and caving disciplines are located in the basement of Carpenter Hall. We store our tele skis also in the basement of Carpenter Hall; and our nordic skis in Triphammer cooperative, which is conveniently located close to the golf course, a popular XC skiing area. We store our bikes and whitewater canoes at Mink Farm Barn; our flatwater canoes and SUPs on a rack by Beebe lake; and our sleeping bags in a shed on the property of a cooperative at 660 Stewart Avenue. With the range and quantity of equipment we have, you need never rent any equipment when you go on a COC trip. To borrow any of our gear on one of your COC trips, contact the respective activity chair or our gear manager. Below is a summary of all our gear available to be borrowed for COC trips (all for free!!)

Gear Inventories