Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a member?


There is a membership fee of $7/semester or $14/year (including the summer) for Cornell Undergrads and $10/semester or $20/year for Grad Students, Staff, Faculty, and non-affiliates.

Who Leads Trips?

You do!

All trips are led by club members. Members announce plans for upcoming trips at Tuesday meetings or over the listserve and invite other members to participate. Most trips leave from Japes and those wishing to participate should contact the trip leader to make appropriate arrangements.

If you have never led a trip before, talk to the chairperson for that activity. Club Officers and Activity Chairs can provide you with information you need to lead a successful trip. We are glad to work with you and even co-lead trips with you to help you help us make trips happen.

When and where are the meetings?

With few exceptions, meetings are held every other Monday at 7:30pm in the International Lounge (414) in Willard Straight Hall (introductory meetings at the beginning of each semester may be held in a different location).

At meetings, people announce events of general interest, discuss the trips that went out the previous week, and announce upcoming trips. Meetings generally run less than an hour. Minutes are posted to the mailing list. Meetings are often followed by a presentation or seminar related to some activity of the club. See this semester's schedule of programs.

How much do the trips cost?

The only cost is your own share of food, gas etc.

For day trips, people usually bring their own food and chip in for gas (usually about a couple of dollars depending on the distance). On longer trips, food may be shared as a group and the cost is divided equally. There may also be some incidental trip costs; for example if the group stops someplace to eat or stays at a campground with fees.

Any member can use club equipment on a club trip - there are no rental fees for club gear.

Where do we get the money for all that great equipment?

The Cornell Outing Club has three main sources of funding.

  • Student Activities Finance Commission - SAFC
  • Membership Fees
  • Cornell Plantations: gorge clean-up projects

What is the Advisory Board?

The advisory board is the collective name for the officers, chairs, facilities manager, and advisor. Together they are responsible for the day to day operation of the club. Among other things, they formulate policy, keep track of equipment and make sure that the club is active and reasonably organized.

What are Activity Chairs?

Activity Chairs are club members responsible for maintaining gear and providing information to trip leaders in a specific activity. They are the contact person for organizing a trip in a given outdoors discipline, and set criteria for qualifications to lead outing club trips, particularly in skill-demanding activities like climbing and whitewater paddling.

How do I learn about the history of the Cornell Outing Club?

We're collecting club history materials!
Historical Club Documents can be found in the Division of Rare and Manuscript Collection at 2B Carl A. Kroch Library on campus. 

What's your mailing address?

  • Cornell Outing Club Inc.
    Box 62, Willard Straight Hall
    Ithaca, NY 14953-8201
But isn't it easier to use email to contact one of our officers?