Club Officers


Nikola Protic

Nikola is a dual citizen of the urban jungles of New York City, and Belgrade, Serbia. He is currently a sophomore planning to major in Applied and Engineering Physics, with a minor in Poetry. Even though he is a gym rat, he enjoys venturing into the real jungles of the world for activities such as rock climbing, camping, hiking, sleeping in hammocks, slacklining, stargazing, and lying in grass. He loves to talk about his car, Morty, which has trouble making it up hills sometimes. It is well known that one can judge his current level of crazy by the length and unruliness of his curly hair.

Ana Ruess

Hey everyone, this is Ana, one of your Co-Presidents! I started my climbing career at Cornell about two years ago with a top-roping gym class (highly recommend! Just ask me which to take) and have since learned to sport lead and trad lead. Besides climbing, I run obsessively and backpack a bunch so hit me up if you wanna do those too. As far as being boring, I'm a junior studying mechanical engineering, working at COE, and living in a co-op. 

Vice President

Caleb Carmichael


Kat Zimmerman

Kat grew up in a farm town in New Jersey. Her awesome ski bum adrenaline junkie parents drove 6 hours to Vermont every weekend so by the age of 2 she was on skis and starting to shred. At 8 she learned how to board and has been a snowsport addict ever since. When the snow melts, you can find her getting her adrenaline fill paddling through frigid snow-melt induced rapids or in the middle of the woods mountain biking. Kat also has a deep love for hammocks and the great outdoors, and a general disdain for shoes. Through COC, she learned how to telemark ski and whitewater paddle and is always looking for new friends to teach! In her spare time, Kat studies Computer Science and Neuroscience and plans to graduate in December of 2017.


Lou Vinarcsik

Lou grew up in a little mountain town in Colorado, skiing, kayaking, mountain biking and rock climbing. She and her chocolate lab Moxie are chillin in Ithaca and are always happy to go play if anyone asks! Lou is trying to learn to ice climb on the beautiful frozen waters of upstate New York and will graduate with a degree in Neuroscience sometime but she doesn't really know when that may be. Lou is a good source of info on local music and local vegetables, and would love to chat on her porch with a cup of coffee with anyone and everyone who may pass by. As the Secretary and previous President, Lou does a lot of behind the scenes work for COC and is always in need of help with odds and ends.

Education Chair

Matt Stillerman

Beginning with family camping and hiking trips as a child, Matt has enthusiastically enjoyed a wide range of outdoor activities.  As an undergrad he grabbed every opportunity to get out of Los Angeles for backpacking, hiking, scuba diving and skiing (and some geology).  He was very active in the Syracuse University Outing Club during graduate school, and remains a proud lifetime member.  For the last 15 years he has called the Cornell Outing Club home.  He continues to hike and snowshoe, and has recently returned to cycling and bicycle touring.  As the club’s Education Chairman, he arranges informative programs for our meetings.  When not working, at this, he can be found doing computer science on the West side of Cayuga Lake.

Gear manager

Rose Bloodnick