Activity Chairs

Snow Sports

Troy Sherman

Greg Nostrand

Hello everybody, my name is Greg. I’m in to almost all things concerning the outdoors, including backpacking, paddling, biking, climbing, and most importantly skiing. I do alpine, cross country and telemark skiing which makes winter my favorite season. As an Ithaca native I have had a lot of exposure to snow as I grew up eventually falling in love with it. I am junior studying environmental engineering and work with COE in a number of different aspects as well. I look forward to this year and can’t wait for that first day of white precipitation.

Ice Climbing

Galen Weld

Galen grew up in Seattle, and spent his summers climbing and his winters skiing in the Cascade mountains. Together with his dad, Galen is climbing the 100 highest mountains in Washington state. He is an avid photographer, and when he's not out climbing, Galen enjoys cycling and Ultimate Frisbee. In Ithaca, Galen is an EMT with Cornell EMS, and is studying Computer Science.

Jack Shutkind

I am from Long Island, New York and am avid outdoorsman. I am currently the chair whitewater and ice climbing. During the winter I love skiing, I am a ski patroller at Windham Mountain in the Catskills. If Im not in class you can probably find me on a river fly fishing.

Whitewater Paddling

Chris Pelter

Jack Shutkind

I am from Long Island, New York and am avid outdoorsman. I am currently the chair whitewater and ice climbing. During the winter I love skiing, I am a ski patroller at Windham Mountain in the Catskills. If Im not in class you can probably find me on a river fly fishing.

Flatwater Paddling

Kathryn Zimmerman

Kathryn grew up in a farm town in New Jersey (yes, those exist in NJ). Her awesome ski bum adrenaline junkie parents drove 6 hours to Vermont every weekend so by the age of 2 she was on skis and starting to shred. At 8 she learned how to board and has been a snowsport addict ever since. When the snow melts, you can find her in the middle of the woods either getting her adrenaline fill mountain biking or being one with nature on a laidback hike. Kathryn also has a deep love for hammocks and the great outdoors, and a general disdain for shoes. Through COC, she’s learning how to telemark ski and whitewater paddle! In her spare time, Kathryn studies Computer Science and Neuroscience and plans to graduate in December of 2017.

Open Paddling

Erin Holbrook

I am a Sophomore Physics student from Lexington, Kentucky. My home state is filled with natural beauty from the Eastern Appalachian Mountains to the limestone caves and historical sites of Central Kentucky. We are also famous for our callous treatment of the environment. Specifically, coal companies are recklessly destroying the state not only though mountain-top removal, sludge ponds, and pollution, but also by stalling development in other areas such as education, health, and clean energy technology. As such I like to spend most of my time either enjoying natural beauty or working to preserve it through sustainability clubs and classes here at Cornell. I am most passionate about the Physics of climate change an about environmental policy and economics, specifically with regards to corporate social responsibility. I spend my time outdoors playing rugby, hiking, and kayaking as much as I can.

Tree Climbing

Weston Forster

Lindsay (Lou) Vinarcsik

Lou grew up in a little mountain town in Colorado, skiing, kayaking, mountain biking and rock climbing. She and her chocolate lab Moxie are chillin in Ithaca and are always happy to go play if anyone asks! Lou is trying to learn to ice climb on the beautiful frozen waters of upstate New York and will graduate with a degree in Neuroscience sometime but she doesn't really know when that may be. Lou is a good source of info on local music and local vegetables, and would love to chat on her porch with a cup of coffee with anyone and everyone who may pass by. As the Secretary and previous President, Lou does a lot of behind the scenes work for COC and is always in need of help with odds and ends.

Rock Climbing

Ana Ruess

Hey everyone, this is Ana, one of your climbing chairs! I started my climbing career at Cornell about two years ago with a top-roping gym class (highly recommend! Just ask me which to take) and have since learned to sport lead and trad lead. Don't know what that is? No worries! I'm super-pumped to teach you. Besides climbing, I run obsessively and backpack a bunch so hit me up if you wanna do those too. As far as being boring, I'm a junior studying mechanical engineering, working at COE, and living in a co-op. 

Patty Cha


Hi! I'm a Junior studying Plant Sciences, and I adore the outdoors. I'm down for any sort of hiking, backpacking, cycling and snow sports, but I especially enjoy the thrill and problem-solving associated with climbing. Nothing beats topping out that problem you've been working for ages. Talk to me about plants or climbing anytime, and definitely talk to me if you've found a cool insect.


Yliana Velazquez

Jay Castro


Sam Wolfe

My name is Sam, and I am a Sophomore Plant Sciences major. I enjoy hiking because of the way it relaxes and resets my brain. Studies have shown that a four day hike can increase creativity by up to 50%! This past year I took a break from my education to do some travelling, which included extensive tramping in the alps of New Zealand. Fun Fact: While there, I once went over two weeks without showering. (No worries, I shower daily here at Cornell.) I'm here to hook people up with our epic gear supply and help organize mountain adventures! Awesome Article:


Jeremy Pardo

Jeremy is a senior studying plant science. When he isn't photosynthesizing or working on his research Jeremy likes to spend time frolicking in the great outdoors. His favorite activity is long distance cycling and particularly short bike tours. Jeremy has biked to seven out of eleven finger lakes starting from Ithaca and hopes to add the rest to his list in the near future. Jeremy also enjoys backpacking hiking and lounging about in a hammock.

Jamie Kellner


Bryden Pearson

I grew up in California a little north of San Francisco. I have always loved being underground and have explored hundreds of natural caves and abandoned mines. Most of my spelunking experience has been in abandoned mines in California, Utah, Colorado, and Europe. I am looking forward to leading trips and learning about spelunking opportunities around New York. If you are an experienced caver or interested in exploring underground join me on the next caving trip!