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How to Plan a Trip

*****The below timeline/checklist is not winter specific and it links to a google doc that is also not winter specific- you'll need to make some changes for your winter trip*****

Trip Planning Checklist/Timeline

14 days before trip

1) Plan route, choose date and time

2) Check appropriate websites for trail closures, camping fees, parking fees, and regulations. Do your research to avoid surprises!

3) Make a google doc that covers ALL of the details. See link to an outline below. If you fill in every section in the google doc and

   address all of the bullet points in blue in the outline, you won’t have forgotten about anything particularly important. 

14-13 days before trip

4) Send announcement to listserv; include the following:

-Date/time of departure and return to campus

-Overview of route (how many miles/how many hours of hiking per day, any peaks/other scenic attractions?)

-Experience level needed to go on trip

-What sort of trip? strenuous or relaxing?

-List exactly what information people need to give you in response

-I usually ask for a) description of previous experience

   b) car?

   c) earliest possible departure time

13-11 days before trip

5) Respond to repliers!

-If they can come, send them the link to the google doc of logistics and give them a deadline after which they cannot cancel

-If there’s no space, don’t forget to respond and let’em know.

-Keep a wait-list

11-9 days before trip

6) After everyone has responded to questions in the google doc, contact the backpacking chair and find out when you can pick up gear. Tell them exactly what you need.

9-7 days before the trip

7) Send an e-mail including the following

-date, time, and location of pre-trip meeting

-final decisions on the menu for shared food

-remind them to read the restrictions on what they can/can’t bring for individual food

-a scan of the map (you can scan to e-mail for free in any library on campus)

-tell them to print it out and bring it

-how much money everyone owes you (food + gas + parking fee + tolls...etc.)

-remind them to pay membership dues and tell them how

5-2 days before the trip

8) Hold pre trip meeting

-see google doc of logistics outline (linked above) for ideas of what you should cover in this meeting

2-1 days before the trip

9) Pack. Use a list so you don’t forget anything.

10) Go on trip!