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Biking around Cayuga, NY

Bike-Specific Mailing List

We have an email list just for the cyclists in the Outing Club, here.
If you need a bike there are some local groups and businesses where you can rent, buy, repair, or meet other cycling enthusiasts:

Mountain Biking Around Ithaca

The Finger Lakes region around Ithaca is home to some spectacular mountain biking. Shindagin Hollow and Hammond Hill in particular are two areas, both close by to Cornell, which offer fantastic riding for many skill levels.

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Road Biking Around Ithaca

With rolling hills and valleys, sparkling lakes and verdant meadows – punctuated by more eateries than you can count – the Finger Lakes region offers many, many scenic routes ranging from a couple of hours to several days.

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Biking Trip Leader Responsibilities

Thank you for leading a bicycling trip for the Cornell Outing Club. This note is to inform you about the responsibilities expected of an Outing Club member who leads a cycling trip. Please contact the club cycling chair if you have any questions.


The trip leader is responsible for making sure that trip participants are aware of the club's safety requirements. All participants must wear a bicycle helmet when riding on a club trip. Water is recommended for all trips and is required for trips longer than one hour. For trips longer than two hours, participants should bring food or money to buy food at planned rest stops. All participants must have bike lights if it is likely the trip will continue until dusk. Each participant should be made aware that they have a requirement to follow traffic regulations and to observe traffic/obstacles/hazards at all times while riding. All bicycles must be in good repair and appropriate for the rider and the planned trip. It is expected that all riders on the trip will stay in one group unless specific plans are made to separate.


Trip leaders must pick a route appropriate for the announced level of the trip. For road rides the leader should consider the distance, significant hills, and traffic hazards on the planned route. For mountain bike rides the leader should consider distance, trail conditions, and trail difficulty. The route must be legal -- road rides must avoid limited access highways and mountain bike rides must be on trails where mountain biking is allowed. Note that mountain biking is not allowed on any portion of the Finger Lakes Trail.


Trip leaders must set the time and meeting place for the trip. Leaders should try to arrive early and must be on time to meet with participants. The trip leader should estimate the duration of the trip with allowances for slower than expected travel and minor breakdowns. Leaders should coordinate transportation for participants and bicycles, or make sure that participants know they are responsible for arranging their own transportation. Trip leaders should have an inventory of the repair gear and repair skills possessed by participants on the ride. Trip leaders should make sure participants are aware that it is their responsibility to bring repair gear for their own bicycle. While it is impossible to repair every type of breakdown, a trip leader should anticipate common problems such as flat tires, especially on longer or more remote rides.